Timber Creek County Park (Camden County) – Glendora, NJ

Timber Creek Trails – Timber Creek County Park – Glendora, Camden County, NJ
Distance: Varies greatly, we hiked about three miles this day, with a stop the mandatory stop at the playground.  Unsure of how many miles of trails in the park, but its at least 5
Type: Interlocking loops
Difficulty: 3 of 10.
Last updated – 10/9/16

Dogs allowed – Only in the dog park, which is huge and amazing
Stroller friendly? – Yes, if have good trail tires
Bathrooms? – Yes, real bathrooms
Benches – Benches scattered through the park.

Terrain – Hilly, nice views of the creek.

Trailhead –  All trails lead from the parking lot – 39° 49.901’N,  75° 3.460’W

Trailhead toward the dog run.
Trailhead toward the dog run.


Here it is. Good luck making sense of it!
Here it is. Good luck making sense of it!
Our GPS track of a two mile hike we did here Spring 2016.

Directions: 236 Taylor Ave & Chews Landing Road, Blackwood, NJ 08012

Promotional Video: Sure

Markings – Cute little signs, although I can’t make sense of them.  Update three years later: I still can’t make sense of them. Update – apparently they were an Eagle Project that was vandalized almost immediately.  Thanks idiots for ruining them.

Adorable! Couldn't keep track of where they were going, cut cute makes up for it.
Adorable! Couldn’t keep track of where they were going, cut cute makes up for it.

Description: So approximately 187 years ago, The Pres and I did this as one of our first hikes specifically for this blog.  Since then, we’ve been back many times, because its so close and its so nice.

Initial Report – timbercreek01

To start, this might be the best county park in Camden County for hiking.  It’s more secluded, has WAY more of a wilderness factor than other parks like Greenwold, Cooper River Park, Pennypacker, or any of the other lovely-but-not-particularly-woodsy parks in the Camden County Park system.  We had no idea how to follow the trail map, but the wife, the Pres, and I had a great time wandering the many trails back.


This is the part where I describe where we went.  Except that I have no idea.  We were on a trail with a little duck on it, and one with a turtle.  We went most of the way around the fenced in dog park.  We saw the creek, some trees in bloom, and waved to dog dogs.  We went three miles according to my handy GPS ap (helpful when there is no trail map) and there was definitely a whole end of the park that we didn’t see.  It was awesome, and we’ll be back!

Well made trails.
Well made trails.

Many thanks to Jo Ann (whose wonderful blog on South Jersey History can be found here) for pointing me in this direction sooner than I would have gone otherwise!

 A trip Summer 2015:


Hey, I have a second kid now.

Bug spray recommended in these warmer months!

Another trip, Spring 2016:

This trip was really interesting, as the kids and I went for a hike with my old friend Kris and her son.  As we were walking, I mentioned that it had used to be ranch.  Something clicked in her head, this is where she used to go horseback riding in those pre-adult years.  Indeed, I’d actually ridden a horse here when this was still Slim’s Ranch!  Kris had gotten a whole bunch of friends together to do a group ride in high school, which I remembered doing, but had no idea where it was.

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