Here are some other places that you should definitely be checking out…

Great South Jersey adventure blogs and sites: – the website title says it all, no matter what part of Jersey you’re from.
South Jersey Adventures – Amy’s wonderful Facebook page about everything South Jersey
Historic Places in South Jersey – Janet runs a great blog about South Jersey places and history.
Abandoned Photography – taking pictures of abandoned buildings, usually in extreme South Jersey.
Richard Lewis’s Painting With a Camera blog – awesome photos around South Jersey of historic buildings and nature shots from some great hiking trails
To Jersey and Beyond! – another fun blog that explores South Jersey, plus adventures much further away.
Explore Cumberland County – lots of great places to go and things to do deep in Down Jersey.
South Jersey Explorer – Yummygal explored the wonders of the greatest state in the country.  Sadly, no new posts for a few years, but still a great site to find places to go explore!

South Jersey History: – Ben has a GREAT site. The highlights for me are the maps and the forums, which are filled with people that know a heck of a lot more than I do. Been a member there for over ten years, so I can say for certain it’s one of the best sites on the internets.
History – Now and Then – Jerseyman’s really amazing South Jersey history blog.  Sadly, he doesn’t have time to post new articles very often, but what he has there is pure gold.  This site is different, because its original research on interesting aspects of our history.
Old and Historic Places facebook group – this has been around for a loooooong time (it is a yahoo group), but lots of great stuff in the archives and occasional new posts. The facebook group is booming though, lots of posts from Barry’s explorations and old postcards from his collection.
Jersey pine barrens Facebook group – nature, history, and everything else pine barrens, all in one great group.
West Jersey History Project website and facebook – again, great website and facebook group with lots of great information and old pictures.
The History Girl – history from all over the greatest state in the nation.  Also well worth following on Facebook.


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  1. Ha! I’m sure I’ll run into you at some point! I know Ben, the West Jersey History guys, Barry and Abandoned. In fact, have been out with almost everyone you have listed and if I didn’t.. I’ve met them. They are all great folks and some I call dear friends of mine. I subscribe to your blog and throughly enjoy your postings/ adventures. You even teach this “old dog” new things about SJ!

  2. Check out rancocas state park north. Trail access at the state park entrance on Rancocas rd. between Irick rd. & the Westampton twp. Municipal Court bldg. In Westampton, NJ. just west of Mt. Holly

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