Kirkwood Lake Paddle – Voorhees/Lindenwold, NJ


Kirkwood Lake Paddle – Kirkwood Lake County Park – Voorhees and Lindenwold, NJ
Distance: 1 1/2  miles (could have gone a little further back with a kayak)
Type: Out and back
Difficulty: 2 of 10.
Total score: 4 of 10.

Terrain – Nice out and back on this old recreational lake, although lake is being filled in by weeds.  Come on Sherman-Williams, clean up your mess.

Put ins – Gibbsboro Road, just off the intersection with White Horse Road (NOT the same as the White Horse Pike), Lindenwold, NJ.  39°50’10.84″N,  75° 0’3.96″W.  The driveway goes past the log cabin.

Map –

Standouts – birds and water

Description:  Yesterday was overcast with a chance of rain… time to take the canoe out!  After a year in storage due to apartment living, and another winter in storage, I hosed off the canoe.  Up it went onto the car, and away we went.


There’s not much to this one.  There is a whole lot of lake, then a narrow channel, then some more lake.  The second part of the lake is pretty shallow, and no where could I put my paddle in even halfway.  In the old days, folks would take trains to spend hot summer days on this lake, but I can’t find much more info than that.

Lately, Kirkwood Lake has been battled over between the residents in the area and Sherman Williams, who has been dragging their feet on cleaning up the area, which is polluted from their nearby former paint factory.  I hope that the cleanup starts soon, it’s a very nice spot!

Thanks to Dan for canoeing with me, and for braving The Pres’s first real canoe ride (or at least first one since he was able to stand up)!


Nice houses along the way, some of them dating to when this was a destination.

Nice houses along the way, some of them dating to when this was a destination.

Overall recommendation – I wouldn’t drive any great distance to paddle this one, but if you live in Camden County, it’s a nice 30 or 40 minute expedition!



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