Cameron Wildlife Sanctuary – Palermo, NJ


Cameron Wildlife Sanctuary (Cape Map County Park North) – Palermo (or Marmora or Upper Township, all are technically correct) , Cape May County, NJ
Distance – 1.2 miles of trails (we did 1.7 miles with some backtracking, overlapping, and poking around)
Type – Mostly a lollipop
Difficulty:  1 of 10
Total score: 8 of 10

Website – Cape May County Website
Open – 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM.  I was warned that the park gate is locked PROMPTLY at 4 PM, so make sure you are out of the gate.

Terrain – woodlands along small lakes

Trailheads –  39°14’24.56″N,  74°40’21.42″W

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Help South Jersey Trails fight Multiple Sclerosis next weekend!


Do you love South Jersey Trails? Do you hike the hikes I post, enjoy the backpacking trips that are shared, or make “awwww” noises at pictures of my children hiking? Then please help me help fight a terrible disease – Multiple Sclerosis!

In one week, I ride in the MS 150 City-to-Shore Bike Ride. I’m supposed to raise $300. As I am each year, I am colossally behind in my fundraising – I’ve raised just $65. Can you help me out with a donation for the cause (just click here)? A donation of any amount is hugely appreciated!

Thank you to everyone in advance!


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South Jersey Outdoor Clubs!


So folks reading this absurd blog routinely tell me they are a bit worried about hiking, canoeing, or otherwise adventuring alone.  They wish there was a group they could go with.  Well, there are lots of them!

Outdoor Club of South Jersey – hiking, backpacking, camping, canoeing, kayaking, biking, and more, both in South Jersey and in nearby areas, as well as trail maintenance. While I’ve never been a member, I know folks who have been and they love it.  You can try a hike or canoe/kayaking trip for free (except for any costs associated with the trip) before having to register as a member ($20 for an individual or $25 for a family as of 2016).

Gloucester County Nature Club and group – holding two activities each month (mostly hikes), one for families and one open to anyone.  All activities are open to the public, but I encourage you to join up if you find yourself attending a few of them ($20 if receiving an electronic newsletter, $25 if you want a print one). Did a hike with this group at Ceres Park and had a blast!

Hike It Baby! Burlington County – group for parents with children to get out and hike. Multiple hikes each week. We’ve done some hikes and led some hikes with this group, great for small kids and their folks! Free to join, free to participate.

Evesham Cycling Club – cycling club that has regular rides. Membership (2017) is $25 per person or $40 per family. Rides are rated by speed.

And, of course, yours truly leads a few Daddy-Kid Hikes every year.

Meetup Groups:

Women Only Hiking Meetup

Crazy Monkee Hikers and Outdoors Club

Philly Women Outdoors

Outdoor Groups for Youth:

Boy Scouts of America – Cub Scouts for boys Kindergarten to 5th Grade, Boy Scouts for Boys aged 11 to 17, and Venture Crew for Boys and Girls Aged 14 to 20.

Girl Scouts of Central and Southern New Jersey – for girls aged ? to 17.

And if your son aged 11-17 is looking to try some backpacking, hiking, canoeing, and camping, he can always come join the Boy Scout troop I run – Troop 48 – Berlin, NJ. Camping every month of the year and more backpacking than any troop in the area!  Who better to have in charge of a troop from that old person who hangs out with The Pres and Tree Rider on that internet hiking type site? If your son aged 5 to 10 is looking for hiking and camping, well, one more year until The Pres is old enough for Cub Scouts…

If you know other groups out in South Jersey or want to get on the e-mail list for future Daddy-Kid Hikes, please comment below or e-mail me at so I can add them to the list!  Please make sure suggestions are based in South Jersey!


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Stream Walk with the Gloucester County Nature Club at Ceres Park!


A few weeks back, one of The Pres’s friends asked him to come along on a stream walk at Ceres Park (which we had an awesome time hiking at last summer).  My wife couldn’t make it so, I took him along.  We all know how much I hate the outdoors and hiking and nature and that sort of thing, but sometimes you just have to sacrifice for your kids.

Of course, I didn’t bother to ask questions, and it turned out this with a hike in a stream.  Despite our lack of bathing suits, we had a blast!  Also, we saw a beaver!

The whole thing was run by the Gloucester County Nature Club.

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Hiking + smartphone = money for charity! Let’s help some people with hiking!

So this blog has accomplished a whole lot in three and half years, from posting adorable pictures of my children all the way to using terrible puns.

Later on, we're awake and eating an apple.

Orange you glad I posted this picture?

But seriously, my family and friends and I have had a blast checking out over 100 trails in South Jersey, and I know that a lot of folks have gotten a lot of miles (ba dum crash!) out of this absurd blog.  Lots of enjoyment all around.

So now, let’s help some folks.  How?  By doing something that we’re already doing – hiking.

It’s simple.

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Evert Trail Preserve – Pemberton, NJ

Dot and Brooks Evert Memorial Nature Trail – Evert Trail Preserve – Pemberton, Burlington County, NJ
Distance – Official is 1.5 miles (but two gps apps came in at 1.9 miles and 1.95 miles with the walking back on the spur and walking to the observation tower)
Type – Lollipop
Difficulty: 3  of 10 – few minor downed trees, some tight spots with plant growth.  Warned about flooded trail, but I didn’t see any problems during the hike at all.
Total score:  6 of 10



Website –
Open – Sunrise to Sunset.

Terrain – swamp and pine forest

Trailheads –  39°55’34.02″N,  74°39’30.09″W

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Sunrise In The New Jersey Pinelands

One of our favorite photographers – Richard Lewis – has another great series of shots, this time of a progressing sunset at the Parker Preserve! This is seriously one of the best hiking spots in the whole state of New Jersey, so it’s totally worth the trip to see it. For help along the way, you can check out our write ups on some of the trails there – the White Trail, the Batona reroute through the preserve, or a guest post from James on the Red Trail.

I know I’m dying to get out there for a sunset now!

Painting With A Camera

Lessons from the Shenandoah National Park

I recently posted about hiking to the top Hawksbill Mountain in Shenandoah National Park to photograph what turned out to be a beautiful sunrise from the summit. Being on the top of that mountain taught me to experience sunrises and sunsets in a different way. I’ve always looked for that decisive moment when the light is at it’s peak. Now I realize that a sunrise is a story that starts at first light and ends when the dawn colors fade. Sunsets are the same, just in the opposite direction.

This realization really came home recently when I went to photograph the sunrise in the New Jersey Pinelands. This sunrise was a story of light and weather that I was able to witness as the sun rose just before a storm front moved in.

When you go out to photograph a sunrise, it is usually impossible to predict what will happen. It’s something I fret over…

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