Rowand Pond WMA – Clementon, NJ

Rowand Pond Wildlife Management Area – Clementon, Camden County, NJ
Distance – 0.4 miles total
Type – Lollipop
Difficulty:  2 of 10

Website – None
Open – 5 AM to 9 PM

Terrain – Lakeside fields and woods
Surface – Grass and dirt

Trailheads –  39°48’16.83″N,  74°58’40.07″W

Directions – Higgins Ave, Clementon, NJ

Parking – Small lot on the lake

Dog friendly? Dogs allowed September through April in all WMAs.  Select WMAs allow dogs year round, but I can’t find a list of which ones do.
Stroller friendly? Offroad stroller should work, although it would be tight in spots.
Benches? None
Facilities?: Fishing dock.

Markings – None


Description –

With Silver Lake explored, we headed around the corner and just upstream to Rowand Pond WMA.

Pulling up and seeing the size of the pond, I figured that there couldn’t be much (if anything) to this park.  I headed over the bridge at the dam and along the edge of the lake.

I walked up to the treeline, just to be sure there weren’t trails here, and low and behold, I noticed a pair of gaps in the trees and bushes.  The one to the right looked more promising, so I took it.


And what a nice, wide trail it was too.  I followed it for a bit until I could see buildings through the trees.  I figured that must be it, but then the trail curved!  Yay!  It turned out there was a little loop back to the edge of the pond, emerging where I had seen the smaller, less promising gap in the trees.  There are no markers, and the trail is short, but the way was very clear.

Interesting hole next to the trail.
Back to the edge of the lake, which has quickly narrowed.

Then it was out of the woods at the smaller gap and back around the pond to the lot.

The last thing of note is that there is a little fishing dock here, and I saw two different folks fishing, so this is another potential “fish and take a walk” spot.

Nearby: Silver Lake (of course) is around the corner, and Lake Worth and Kirkwood Lake County Parks are also very close.  You could make a nice “Small Lakes of Central Camden County” hiking tour of about 4 miles total.

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