Little Timber Creek Nature Trail – Haddon Heights, NJ


Little Timber Creek Nature Trail – Devon Avenue Zone, Haddon Heights, Camden County, NJ
Distance – about 0.6 of a mile
Type – Loop (road makes up final side of loop)
Difficulty: 5 of 10
Total score: 2 of 10

Website – Parks – Haddon Heights
Open – Sunrise to Sunset.

Terrain – Woods, creek

Trailheads –  39°52’13.51″N,  75° 4’22.63″W

Directions – Located on Devon Ave at the intersection of Walnut Ave

Parking – Large lot shared with the athletic fields

Markings – None

Map – Map has lots of wrong turns that ended in wandering in the woods.

Description – On Wednesday afternoon, after avoiding more rain in the morning, the Pres, Tree Rider, and my brother-in-law set out to conquer a new trail.  The target?  A nearby trail I’d stumbled upon a reference to – the Little Timber Creek Nature Trail.



There were some stark contrasts in this trail.  The boardwalks, gateway, fences, and tree ID signs are all in great shape, and beautifully done, some of the nicest I’ve seen anywhere.


But the trail itself is very overgrown, with parts of it very difficult to get through and other parts marked with waist high grass.

This picture sums it up pretty well. The Pres is in there... somewhere.
This picture sums it up pretty well. The Pres is in there… somewhere.

I think the trail is a loop, with the road forming the final side.  But lots of paint marks on trees and psuedo-paths all over the place (too big to be deer tracks, but not really going anywhere or accomplishing anything) make it really, really confusing.  We got our our mile hike in for the day, but a good chunk was circling in the woods on what became obvious weren’t trails.  Or at least I hope they weren’t.


Cool shot. Not as cool to try to walk under with the baby on my back.
Cool shot. Not as cool to try to walk under with the baby on my back.

In the end, we had a good time, because smashing through the woods is fun.  But only because we didn’t get ticks or chiggers or cut up too badly on thorns.  Which was partially due to luck.


We made it out!
We made it out!
Fire ring for Scout ceremonies?
Fire ring for Scout ceremonies?

Someone said this was also the old town dump/town tree dump.  I don’t know if that’s true, but it makes for some interesting items in the woods.

Off trail. Way off trail.


At the end, follow the road back down to your car.  A few more tree are labeled on your right.

Then into the car, and homeward bound.

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  1. This trail was created as a joint effort With the Kiwanis Club and Barrington Boy Scout Troop 96. Maintenance is performed periodically. The campfire area was part of an Eagle Scout Project by Jeremy Ramont.

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