Frank Donio Memorial Park – Winslow, NJ


Frank Donio Memorial Park – Winslow, Camden County, NJ
Distance – 1.1 miles total
Type – Loop
Difficulty: 1  of 10
Total score: 3 of 10

Website – Winslow Township Website
Open – Sunrise to Sunset.

Terrain – Woods on a ridge above playing fields
Surface – dirt

Trailheads –   39°44’19.85″N, 74°59’37.04″W (located back on the driveway just where it leaves Chews Landing Road)

Directions – 675 Chews Landing Road, Winslow, NJ, just behind the Williamstown Shop Rite.

Parking – Very large lot, as there are many playing fields here

Dog friendly? Yes (but pick up after your dog)
Stroller friendly? Yes – big tires helpful
Benches? No

Markings – None, but a well worn path that you can’t miss.
Map –doniomnap2

Description –

Friday, I had a teacher retreat in Sicklerville… and we got out early!  I took advantage of my newfound hour to drive five minutes to Donio Field in Winslow.

I’d actually been here before, as this is where you must park to hike at the Winslow Conservation Area across the street.  Sadly, I was chased out that time by a massive thunderstorm before I had a chance to hike here at Donio, so today I would fix that.

So this hike is pretty simple.  Park your car in the large parking lot.  Walk next to the road back up the hill toward Chews Landing Road.  When you ready the edge of the trees and see the well worn path in the dirt, turn left and start walking.

Up away from the parking lot toward Chews Landing Road.
Turn left and follow dirt.

Once on the trail, it’s impossible to get off.  Just follow the dirt around the outside of the fields along the high ridge.  Keep your eyes on the treeline to look for sweet birds.



You’ll come around in a full loop after a mile.

At this point, cross the driveway.  You now have options:
1) Turn left and go back to your car.

2) Turn right, cross Chews Landing Road, and hike a half mile at the Winslow Conservation Area.  When I say cross the street, I mean literally, cross the street.  To hike at this other place, you have to park your car in the same spot that its in at this exact moment.

Combined, including walks to the car, I got 1.8 miles out of doing each trail and walking to the trailheads.

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