Winslow Conservation Area – Winslow, NJ


Winslow Conservation Area – Winslow, Camden County, NJ
Distance – About 0.5 miles
Type – Loop
Difficulty:  1 of 10
Total score: 3 of 10
Updated: December 10, 2016

Open – Sunrise to Sunset.

Terrain –woods and meadows

Trailheads –  39°44’20.82″N,  74°59’34.57″W

Directions – Chews Landing Road, Sicklerville, NJ

Parking – Plenty of parking across the street at Donio Memorial Park ( 675 Chews Landing Road; Sicklerville, NJ – behind the Shop Rite)

Dog friendly? Yes
Stroller friendly? Yes
Benches? None
Facilities?: None

Markings – Check for numbered interpretive signs.

Map – winslowconservemap

Description – This is a very new park, and is a bit tough to find at first.  It’s hidden on Chews Landing Road, next to Donio Memorial Park, which itself is right behind the Shop Rite on Cross Keys Road.

Getting to the trailhead is that hard part.  You’ll need to park at Donio by the football field.  Follow the driveway back up toward Chews Landing Road.  At Chews Landing Road, you’ll see the paved trail entrance directly across the street from the Donio Park sign.

Once on the trail, it’s a simple loop.  The side closer to the road runs through a small patch of forest.   There are some interpretive nature signs.










You’ll come within sight of the water tower, which is where the trail turns around and heads back through the meadow.

The meadow is a nice little spot, with some fenced in area to the left on the way back.  At this point, I first really noticed the storm cloud blowing in, and the distant rolling of thunder.  So I hustled this last stretch, crossed Chews Landing Road, and got into the car approximately five seconds before the rain hit.


Nearby – Donio Park is right across the street. New Brooklyn Park and Berlin Park are each nearby.

4 thoughts on “Winslow Conservation Area – Winslow, NJ

  1. Hello — Jim here…looks like a nice little stroll you did there. Sounds like something I’ll have to check out sometime (along with Donio Park) — even though the trails are relatively short, I can always find other small parks in the area to make for longer hikes when combined.

    Great write-up on the “Blue Hole” hike you did a while back – I finally made it out there this past Saturday…on “advice” from a co-worker of mine (last year), and your blog on the trail. Thanks to your write-up on this trail, I was able to find it the first time (I can see where this would indeed be a “pain” to find!) I can see what you meant by the Hole not being what she used to be, but it was still a nice little hike! Not sure if you’ve ever been to Franklin Parker Preserve up in Chatsworth, NJ, but if you park in the lot off Route 563 (on the left just after mile post 37 if heading Northbound), cross the street and follow the Yellow Trail for about a half mile, there’s a couple bodies of water on either side of the trail (you have to look through some small pines, but it’s still pretty easy to spot) — both with a very “bluish” color (light blue)…I have a feeling that this is what Blue Hole may have looked like back in the day! Definitely worth checking out…I’m sure The Pres would get a kick out of it as well!

    Anyway — thank you for your continued blogs; I’m constantly checking it out to see if there’s any trails I’ve never been on to add to my own “adventures”. Happy Hiking!

    1. Hi Jim!

      Glad you found the Blue Hole! There are some others in South Jersey (there’s even one right near where my apartment was in Cherry Hill), but not sure about the Parker Preserve. I haven’t done the Yellow Trail there yet, but I need to get out deep in the Pines again, and the Parker Preserve hasn’t disappointed me yet.

  2. I wanted to add a side trip after a kid hour at New Brooklyn park so found this on your Google Maps. It was good to check something off the list but wowsers, was it lame. Does anyone know the story of the adjacent overgrown field? On the historical aerial shots they look toxically fluorescent.

    1. My guess is it has something to do with the Camden County MUA that put the park aside. With them and a big fence, I’d lean toward something not great inside there…

      I like the little patch of trees, but there are much better patches of trees within ten minutes of driving…

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