Newton Lake Park – Oaklyn, NJ


Trail – Newton Lake County Park – Oaklyn/Collingswood/Haddon Township, Camden County, NJ
Distance: Somewhere around 4 miles of trail (we did 1 1/2 miles this time)
Type: Loop (with some options for smaller loops).
Difficulty: 1 of 10.
Total score: 5 of 10.

Terrain – flat walk along a lake.

Trailheads – Pretty much anywhere along the trail, just park along the side of the road. Good sized parking lots just off the White Horse Pike on Newton Lake Drive.

Directions – Newton Lake Drive in (I think) Oaklyn. We parked just off of Cuthbert Blvd on Lakeshore Drive (Haddon Township)

Standouts – The lake

Markings – None, but it’s a very clear, paved pathway.


Hey wait, didn’t I post about Newton Lake before?  Well remembered, but that was canoeing, this is hiking.

So last night, we went for a hike here after dinner.  It’s a nice walk in a beautiful park.  The bugs were not out at all, the fountains were on, it’s cool by the water, the bunny rabbits were out hopping around.  Lovely way to spend an evening.

So why only a 5 of 10?  One reason – people, people, people.  Bike riders flying past, people running past, a whole running club of 5,000 kids tearing around, dogs (okay, The Pres loved the amount of dogs)… it was a madhouse.  Some of the enjoyment was taken out of the walk by constantly making sure that The Pres wasn’t trampled to death or the recipient of a permanent tire mark across his body.

With that being said, there is a reason so many people are there – it’s really nice.


Although, I definitively preferred canoeing it.

Overall recommendation: Nice lake, beautiful park, just expect to share it.


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