Newton Lake Paddle – Collingswood, NJ

Newton Lake Paddle – Collingswood and Haddon Township, NJ
Distance: 4.25 miles (obviously you can shorten this considerably)
Type: Out and back paddle.
Difficulty: 2 of 10.


Terrain – A winding lake surrounded by walking paths.

Put ins – The only boat launch is at 39° 54.484’N,  75° 4.894’W.  Respect private property around the lake.

Boat launch

Description:  The sad day was coming when I was to move back into an apartment, forcing me to put my canoe up at the canoe shelter (my friend’s yard). As a last hurrah, my buddy Chuck and I took a spin on Newton Lake.

There was more paddling to do be done than we would have though, the lake is near two miles long.  The west side ends at the Black Horse Pike at a small dam.  The east side ends near Cuthbert Blvd where it gets too shallow to keep paddling.

The paddle itself is a nice relaxing spin.  Some fun bridges to go under.  There several fountains east of the put in, have fun dodging the water spray.  Or not!

newton02 newton01 newton03 newton04

Great little paddle!

2 thoughts on “Newton Lake Paddle – Collingswood, NJ

  1. During the dredging project scheduled to commence next year on Newton Lake, if at the same time as the dredging project which is scheduled to take 18 months, a fish ladder was installed at the weir dam where Newton Lake drains into Newton Creek, there is a good chance that American Shad would repopulate Newton Lake, then you would be a hero among the fisherman. Shad is a tasty as Salmon.

    If you were to install a fish ladder at the outflow of Cooper River Lake where it drains into the Cooper River, you might get Shad migrating to Cooper River Lake. It would be like it was before the Civil War.

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