Kent Manderville Preserve – Barrington, NJ

Kent Manderville Preserve – Barrington, Camden County, NJ
Distance – 6 miles total
Type – Loop trail
Difficulty:  6 of 10

Website – Kent Manderville Preserve
Open – Sunrise to Sunset.

Terrain – Field, swamps, hills
Surface – Dirt

Trailheads – 43°59’33.81″N, 102°14’30.03″W

Directions – 280 White Horse Pike, Barrington, NJ

Parking – Good sized lot

Dog friendly? Very dog friendly
Stroller friendly? Very strolled friendly
Benches? Yes
Facilities?: None

Markings – on trees

Description –

This week, a few friends and I took on this little known trail in my hometown of Barrington, NJ.

We started out down off of a ridge, dropping down through the alpine forests that Barrington is known for (along with being the home of Edmund Scientific).

Once you drop down off of the ridge, you’ll travel across a beautiful meadow.  Keep an eye out, you might even see a famed Jersey moose!

After crossing a stream, you’ll head uphill to a gorgeous lake.  This is a great spot to stop for a nice snack.

From here, you’ll climb again to a ridge overlooking a glacier. Glaciers are rare in South Jersey, so make sure to take the proper time to admire this one.

Best to take in such sights with a friend.

From here, you’ll travel into a valley area filled with lakes.  This one is Jeffrey Nash Lake, named after the longtime Camden County Board of Chosen Freeholders member.

A path from here will lead you on toward the next pass.

Toward a view from Donald Norcross Pass, named after our esteemed Congressman from the First District.

The view from this pass is stunning.

Afterwards, you’ll head downhill for a bit toward Lake Manderville, well know for its beautiful blue color.  Watch out for the Canada Geese though!

After this, a waterfall leads toward a nice view of Mount Barrington, which my little town is named after.

The trail then winds back around to the lake that we started at!

Sure, Barrington might be a small town, but we have some great scenery!


Nearby,checkout Saddler’s Woods and Crows Woods!

Confused?  Check the date of the post!

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