Favorite South Jersey Hikes Among 8 Year Olds That Live in My House

Happy 10th Birthday to us!  In celebration of 10 long years, we are doing a series of birthday posts.  Look, here’s one right now!

I conducted an extensive and exhaustive study of 8 year olds that currently live in my house to see what their favorite places were to hike in South Jersey.  After countless hours interviews, studies, reviews, research, going door-to-door, and crunching the data, here are the results!

#5 – Crows Woods  – Haddonfield, NJ

Eight year olds house-wide love the stick forts here, the rope swing at the back of the preserve, and seeing all the dogs that are exercising here.

#4 – Hopkins Pond – Haddonfield, NJ

Eight year olds here love seeing all the turtles on the logs in the pond.  He also enjoys crossing the street into Greenwald Park to walk down to see the giant turtle statue just on the other side of the Cooper River.

#3 – Bowling Green Trail – Cherry Hill, NJ

A recent addition to our hiking list, the big bridge, that’s what has seized the collective imagination of 8 year olds all over the house that I live in.  When pressed, they also share that they enjoy walking along the creek here.

#2 – Timber Creek County Park – Gloucester Township, NJ

This was a #1 favorite among current 8 year olds who live in my house, going back to when the 8 year olds were learning to talk (“Dada, go to Timba Cweek?).  They love that we saw a turtle there once. How the trails wind is also a big hit, as is the pond where you can sometimes see doggies swimming.  However, it has fallen in the rankings over time as the “monster tree” fell down a few years ago and the new playground is not as wildly popular among current 8 year olds who live in my house as the old one that was disguised as a tree.

#1 – Wenonah Woods  – Wenonah, NJ and also here

Eight year olds the house over love the bridges here, especially the long boardwalk where the beavers once flooded the trail and the long bridge over the swamp.  They enjoy going under the train bridge and running up and down the hills at Break Back Run Trail (running on these hills not suggested for adults, we break more easily).

Thanks for 10 great years and counting!

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