Earlton North Trail – Cherry Hill, NJ


Earlton North Trail – Cherry Hill, Camden County, NJ
Distance: Less than 1 mile
Type: Out and back.
Difficulty: 1 of 10.
Total score: 1 of 10.

Awesome group of people who post maps and maintain trails: Cherry Hill Trail Crew

Terrain – Big field in neighborhood. Trail is paved.

Map in PDF form – Erlton North Trails-Layout_201304301158524775
Note: Green trail does exist.

Trailheads – McGill Ave – 39° 55.282’N, 75° 0.796’W
New Hampshire Ave – 39° 55.166’N, 75° 0.841’W
New York Ave – 39° 55.098’N, 75° 0.797’W

Trailhead at McGill Ave.

Trailhead at McGill Ave.

Standouts – Big field.

Markings – None, but you can’t possibly get lost.

Description: Cherry Hill has done an admirable job of creating a series of 10 trails on local public land (not counting the county parks within its boarders). This is not the crown jewel of the system.

This trail is a 0.2 of a mile straight shot across an open field, with houses on the sides of the field, and a playground at the end. A small shootoff trail goes about 0.1 of a mile… to the head of another street.

This is a nice little paved stroll for the neighborhood to use to walk dogs, for little kids to ride their bikes, or for strollers to be pushed, but if you don’t live in that neighborhood, it’s not worth going to see.

Big field.

Big field.

Split in the trail.

Split in the trail.

Trail goes under tree.

Trail goes under tree.

Flowers are nice.

Flowers are nice.

Flowers are very nice.

Flowers are very nice.

There is a nice little playground at the end of one of the trails for those that do live in the neighborhood.

Overall recommendation: Nice (very) local neighborhood stroll, but if you want to come this way, they are other nicer hikes very close by.


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