Bowling Green Trail – Cherry Hill, NJ

Bowling Green Trail– Cherry Hill, Camden County, NJ
Distance -Just under 1 mile listed total, we did 1.2 miles
Type – Loop and a lollipop
Difficulty:  2 of 10
Updated – 3/8/23

Website – Cherry Hill Trail Crew
Open – Sunrise to Sunset.

Terrain – Meadow
Surface – Dirt and grass

Trailheads – 39°52’20.15″N, 75° 0’17.38″W

Directions – 1614 South Bowling Green Drive, Cherry Hill, NJ

Parking – Street parking

Dog friendly? Yes
Stroller friendly? No
Benches? None
Facilities?: None

Markings – Poles at intersections
Map –

Description –

So WE MISSED A CHERRY HILL TRAIL (two years ago)!  We went, we walked it, we thought we were done.

Then the folks in the neighborhood started to expand the trail and reached out that we should go back.  We did, and wow, we sure were not done!

A 1/4 mile lollipop of mown grass has been turned into just under a mile of trails that includes little bridges, lovely creek views, and one big bridge adventure.  My kids now want to come here all the time.

Our original little loop (now marked as red on the map):

Playground – always popular with the 2 year old crowd.





Beginning of the loop part of the trail.

Kite Flyer approves.

This time (actually, this two times in the last month or so), we took all of the news ones – the blue, yellow, and green trails.  Awesomeness ensued.  We entered the trail system the same way, but just after the trailhead sign, we took a right turn onto the blue blazed trail, then stayed right onto the yellow blazed loop that went out toward Burnt Mill Road.

Apparently I did a terrible job taking pictures of that part of the trail, but it had some short climbs and drops, a few little bridges, and a view of the creek on the back end.  As the Yellow Trail dead ended, we headed right on the blue trail to stay to the outside of the trail system.  This followed along the edge of the creek, ending up at a bench overlooking the water.  It’s a lot more comfy than your normal park bench, but I can’t imagine holds up to the weather as well.

A short climb of a few steps puts you at the intersection with the green trail.  Here, we took a right turn to take the stick of this lollipop trail.  It soon dropped down (beware of the stairs down!) and came to….


My children screamed in glee and immediately crossed and recrossed it about 47 times (this is only an estimation, it was probably more like 62 times).

When they’d finally had their fill, it was time to explore the other side, where the rest of the green trail made a loop.  We turned left our first time (but it would have made more sense to turn right).  The trail followed along the edge of the creek.

At the back end of the loop, the trail markers end, but trail work has clearly been done to extend the trail a little further over some downed trees.  We, of course, ignored this.

No, we didn’t ignore it!  Up over the steps!  This led to one more view of the creek.

We then went back on the green trail to make our way back to the bridge.

After another 913 times over and back, we made our way back to the playground, then eventually the car.  Fun!

Nearby:  TONS of trails nearby. Downs Farm Trail, Bunker Hill Trails, and Kresson Trails are all just a few minutes away.

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  1. when I go to the industrial park in Ewing to reapply for a job; I see this trail through some trees. In between the parking lot and the trail, there is a tree house. Each time I am there, I see 3 cats and they have food to eat. Would you like to come this way and photo the cats and check the trail?

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