James G Atkinson Memorial Park – Sewell, NJ

James G Atkinson Memorial Park – Sewell, Gloucester County, NJ
Distance – We did just over a mile.  Probably about that total trail miles
Type – Loop trail
Difficulty: 1 of 10

Website – Gloucester County Parks
Open – Sunrise to Sunset.

Terrain – Fields, ponds, and woods
Surface – Paved

Trailheads – 39°45’8.01″N, 75° 7’3.20″W

Directions – 138 Bethel Mill Rd, Sewell, NJ 08080

Parking – Good sized lot (one side of the park is closed to parking right now for renovations)

Dog friendly? Unsure, did not see it posted
Stroller friendly? Yes
Benches? Yes
Facilities?: Yes!  There are bathrooms (thanks Dave!)

Markings – None, but none needed
Map – Worst map ever… clearest shot I could get…

Description –

So it was the day of the Super Bowl.  And the Eagles weren’t in it this time.  So I went for a little hike.

I was looking for a bit of new adventure, and I ended up at Atkinson Memorial Park in Sewell.

The trail is only about a mile (we stuck to the outer loop) and there’s a little patch of woods you can explore if you want to explore the lake edge.  I started out by trying to work my way from the parking lot down to the water.

Steps down to the lake!  Found it!

I made a right turn here and walked down toward the dam end of the lake.  There’s a dirt trail that splits off and will take you over to the dam.

I then turned around and walked the length of the lake (or at least the half that the trail follows).

Didn’t see a lodge, but definite signs of beavers!

The trail then leaves the lake and heads into the ball field part of the park.  The one side of the park is closed off to traffic at the moment because they are upgrading the park.

This side of the park was less scenic than the lake end, but a nice day to walk is a nice day to walk.

I finally made my way back to the trail split.  I took left to go to the parking lot.  Right here would have taken me back down to the lake.

Overall, a nice way to spend an hour in the morning!

Nearby: Ceres Park, Washington Lake Park, and Alycon Park are all a short drive away.

6 thoughts on “James G Atkinson Memorial Park – Sewell, NJ

  1. Is James Atkinson Park in Sewell or Cape May Court House? Since you didn’t provide directions, it is hard to understand where to head to.

    1. Hi Dan,

      Sorry, typo – Cape May Court House is NOT where this one is, its in Sewell (I use an old post as a template and copy and paste, missed editing the city and county).

      The address for the preserve is 138 Bethel Mill Rd, Sewell, NJ 08080

  2. I was wondering if you saw a sign that said this park is dog friendly? A few years ago I was stopped by a ranger there who asked me to leave and said that most of these types of parks in Gloucester County are not dog friendly.
    I also noticed that you are heading a little further north and wondered if you ever checked out Mercer Meadows. I had written to you about this area before and with spring approaching it might be a good time to head out there. It’s a huge trail system with lots of History. There are several places to park with Miles and Miles of trails including a place where you can read about the first transatlantic telephone system during World War II. It includes two dog parks on either end and also playgrounds.

    Closer to my home , there is a small park that used to be called South Vineland Park. I think it is now called Campanella? I think it’s just a trail that circles a small man-made lake that used to be an Old Sand wash, but also has several Trails winding in and out where a disc golf course is.

    Another place I don’t think you have reviewed is willow oak which is off East Landis Avenue in Vineland. They just expanded some trails, so if you do go there the tiny map in the beginning is not very accurate.

    Thank you, I love reading about places I don’t know much about

    1. Hi Jill!

      I did not see a sign posted one way or the other for pups, but I suspect no dogs as I didn’t see anyone walking one.

      I’ve scouted our Mercer Meadows on a drive through, but haven’t managed to hike it yet, I need to get up there!

      I hadn’t heard of South Vineland Park; I’ll add it to my list! Thank you!

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