Two new sections of the website!

For those that pay really close attention, you may have noticed that with a new website comes TWO new sections!  Dun da daa!

The first is a section dedicated to New Jersey’s pine barrens, the biggest patch of woodlands between Boston and Richmond and one of my favorite areas on Earth.  I’ve covered a lot in the pines over the last four years, but this brings all of that together in one spot, with a chance to expand a bit into new pine barrens topics like camping.

The second new section is one of hope – offroad biking.  I don’t do this myself (I don’t have a great relationship with bikes), but I get asked about it fairly often.  So I finally decided to keep a list of the various places I’ve had people tell me are good places to offroad bike, so that when folks ask me, I can direct them there.   It’s not a bad little list.

That being said, I would LOVE for someone (or someones) to come along who would want to add to the little wellspring of South Jersey outdoor knowledge that is this page.

So anyway, two new sections!  Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Two new sections of the website!

    1. Hi Phil! Lines on the Pines is an annual pine barrens book fair put on by Linda and Jim Stanton. They brings in dozens and dozens of authors about South Jersey history into one place, plus local artists, photographers, parks, historical societies, and other pine barrens groups. It’s always held in March, and this year will be the 13th Annual, held at Renault Winery.

      After the free event is always a dinner (tickets are reasonable) with a local pine barrens speaker. I’ve never made that part because of my kiddos, but I’ve only ever heard good things.

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