Bunker Hill Trails – Cherry Hill, NJ

Bunker Hill Trails – Cherry Hill, NJ
Type: Loop(ish) trails
Hours: Dawn to Dusk

Distance: 0.10 and up.  The Pres and I did 1.5 miles, covering all of the blue, green, yellow, and purple trails.
Difficulty: 3 of 10.
Total score: 2 of 10.

Terrain – Flat. Marsh and woods.

Trailheads – Multiple trailheads. I started at the one at North Woodleigh Drive (Blue Trail) – 39° 52.759’N, 74° 59.561’W.


Standouts: Marsh and swamps.

Markings – Colored markers on metal poles – blue, green, yellow, purple (more to come).

Map – Map can be found here

UPDATE – The Red Trail has been added since we were last here, and they’ve done a good amount of work on boardwalks at these trails.

Description: Right off the bat, not my favorite trail in the Cherry Hill system.  The trails seem to be little more that a series of shortcuts between parts of the neighborhood.  They were very, very muddy (and must be often, from the boards placed on the trail), didn’t really have anything special to look at, and pretty much never reached a point where you couldn’t see someone’s house.  They are supposed to build another big loop, so I’ll have to check it out again when they do.

See, mud.
See, mud.

IMG_8259 IMG_8258 IMG_8264 IMG_8271 IMG_8265 IMG_8267

The one exception to the “not that interesting” parts of the trail is the purple trail, which is marked, but may not be open yet.  The Pres (who had fallen asleep) and I took it anyway.  It runs back through some good mud puddles, trails a stream, and ends up in a massive puddle/small pond right where it rejoins with the Green Trail.  Turning back was not an option, so despite the baby backpack and my Chuck Taylors, I worked out a way across.  Definately most adventurous part of the day.

You can see where the trail is suposed to run... right through the puddle.
You can see where the trail is suposed to run… right through the puddle.


Overall recomendation – it’s kinda cool if you live in the neighborhood, but this is the first trail I’ve blogged that I’d say just don’t bother (unless you live within a mile of it, or you are collecting them all).  The nearby Kresson Trail is similar scenery, but a much nicer trail to walk overall.  I’ll have to go walk it again when the new part is finished, as if it is similar to the Purple Trail, it might make this a more interesting hike.

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