Merchantville Bike Path – Merchantville, NJ

Merchantville Bike Trail – Merchantville, Camden County, NJ
Distance –  1.1 miles one way (2.2 out-and-back)
Type – Out-and-back
Difficulty:  1 of 10

Website –
Open – Sunrise to Sunset.

Terrain – Flat
Surface – Paved

Trailheads – East trailhead –  39°57’10.61″N,  75° 2’36.87″W

West trailhead –  39°57’3.00″N,  75° 3’46.54″W

Directions – Trailheads located at Euclid Ave and N. Chestnut Ave and Cove Road and East Chestnut Ave.

Parking – Roadside parking all over the place.

Dog friendly? Yes.
Stroller friendly? Yes.
Benches? Lots of them.

Facilities?: No bathrooms.  Did have a water fountain.

Markings – Mile markers every 0.1 of a mile.

Map – None, but it’s a straight line once you find it.

Description –

It’s listed as a bike path, but there were only folks walking dogs along it, and there has been some exercise stations put in place alongside for runners, so it’s safe to say that this works just fine as a walking trail.The Pres and I started at the western trailhead, walking toward the middle of town on a frigid 27 degree Thanksgiving morning (with a wind chill dragging that down even more).  This path runs right through the middle of town along the old railroad right-of-way, which is always such an interesting way to see a town.

The first 0.2 of a mile of trail run until they cross Browing Road.  Along the way, there are some fine trees and a balance beam, just one piece of exercise equipment put in for runners.

Start of the trail.

Crossing Browning Road.

The next stretch of trail takes you from Browning Road down to Centre Street, which covers about a half mile.  This is much the same as the first stretch, and ends at a pavilion in the center of town.

Crossing at Morris Street.

Centre Street is right behind the pavilion.

The trail crosses Centre Street and then passes the old train station, now a coffee shop (they have show upstairs sometimes, I’ve seen a few of my friend’s bands play there over the years).  The trail then double crosses Park Ave and Gilmore Ave.

The train station was built around 1881.

The final part of the trail runs right behind some houses out to Cove Road.  A few of the homes have gates that open right onto the trail, which is pretty awesome.

This is one of those awesome homes, which dates back to the Civil War. My wife and I fell in love with this house and almost convinced ourselves to buy it, but finally realized it would tough to have more than one or two kids in it.

Finally the trail turns around and sends you back the way that you came.  Enjoy everything on the way back too!

Overall, a great way to burn a few calories before going to my mom’s and eating waaaaaay too much food for Thanksgiving.

Nearby: Fish House Cove Nature Trail and Pennsauken Nature Trail, Cooper River Park are all next door in Pennsauken and just minutes away.  You can also walk the historic little center of town of Merchantville on Centre Street.  Palmyra Nature Cove is also nearby.

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