Somerdale Nature Trail – Somerdale, NJ


Somerdale Nature Trail – Nature Trail Park – Somerdale, Camden County, NJ
Distance – 0.75 miles of trails.  I did about a mile exactly with backtracking to check out other loops.
Type – Several loops with short trails accessing the various roads in town.
Difficulty:  1 of 10
Total score: 3 of 10

Open – Sunrise to Sunset.

Terrain – Forest

Trailheads – Many trailheads along Warwick Road and East Atlantic Ave (over the tracks).  Also one on Farndale Road.  Main trailhead (Warwick Road) –  39°50’41.93″N,  75° 1’47.56″W

Directions – On Warwick Road in Somerdale, on the opposite side of the stretch between McMichael Ave and Sunset Drive.

Look for the parking lot.
Look for the parking lot.

Parking – Small lot.


Markings – None, but paths are all pretty obvious.

Map – somderdalemap

Description- It was supposed to storm for a half hour.  Four hours later, it was still thunderstorming.  It was weird, and it kept Tree Rider and the Pres inside.  Not to be denied my daily hike (trying to hike at least a mile a day for 30 straight days), I rushed out when my wife got home from work.  I couldn’t go far, so I decided to check out the Somerdale Nature Trail, just around the corner from me on Warwick Road.

Batman box?


What I found was 3/4 of a mile of well maintained loops threading through the forest and over Gravelly Run.  There are lots of trailheads connecting to the streets in town, lots of little hiking loops in the system, and some great nature to take in.


While this little park is never a threat to become a major tourist attraction, it’s a well kept little slice of nature in the middle of a suburban town.  The shade was cool and the trails were remarkably dry for the rain in the morning.


Bridge and steps lead to a neighborhood.
Bridge and steps lead to a neighborhood.


There are a few small outlet trails by Atlantic Ave.
There are a few small outlet trails by Atlantic Ave.
You can cross the tracks to the road. Just be careful!
You can cross the tracks to the road. Just be careful!


I’ve been a bit obsessed with taking mushroom pictures lately, and this trail had some for me.

somderdale33 This whole trail is maintained by Boy Scout Troop 122, who’ve done a nice job.

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