Hammonton Lake Paddle – Hammonton, NJ

Hammonton Lake Paddle – Hammonton, NJ
Distance: 2+ miles (obviously you can shorten this considerably)
Type: Out and back paddle.
Difficulty: 2 of 10.

Terrain – Lake.

Put ins – The only boat launch is at N 39° 37.812 W 074° 47.235.  Respect private property around the shores of the lake.

Description:  Back in September 2020 (we are so timely with our posts anymore!), we took our canoe out for a spin on Hammonton Lake.

The other 2/3 of my crew weren’t heavy enough to keep a headwind from pushing the front end of Ol’ Tippecanoe all over the place, but we had a great time zigging and zagging back and forth across the lake.  We stuck mostly to the Smith’s Woods side directly across the lake from the canoe put in, not due to it being the prettiest and most house free section (although it is), but mostly because we had a trouble going in a straight line once we got away from the land.  It is, however, a great little hike if you get a chance.

Eventually we ran into a few dozen geocachers out on the lake (only two of whom had a canoe, everyone else has these weird new-fangled things called “kayaks” that go faster and don’t get pushed around by the wind and have back rests… how weird), who we hung out with before returning to shore.

We did about a mile total, but you could do better than 2 miles if you made it to the far end of the lake and back.

Great little paddle!

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