Allaire State Park Campground – Wall Township, NJ

Allaire State Park Family Campground and Group Campsites
Allaire State Park
Wall Township, NJ

Type – Tent camping and cabins.  Small camping trailers (no hookups)

Address: 4265 Atlantic Ave, Wall Township, NJ 07727 (address for the main entrance to the park)
The family campground is nearby on Atlantic Ave.
The Group Campground is several miles away on Squankum-Allenwood Road.
Family campground – 40° 9’55.99″N,  74° 8’48.30″W
Group Campground –  40° 8’2.06″N,  74° 7’20.11″W

Paved road, easy for any reasonably sized vehicle.

Website for official info:

Website for campsite booking and pricing:

Campground Map:

Family campground map.

Posted Rules:

Facilities (campground):

Family – Seven pumps spread through the family campground.  These are spigots.  Unsure if they are off in the winter.

Group – At least one pump.  Unsure if on in the winter.


Family – one bathroom, heated with running water and showers.

Group – No heated bathrooms, just composting toilets.

Food protection:
No bear boxes (low bear risk, but have been spotted in the area, so take precautions).  Store food in car, especially if you don’t want to make friends with skunks or raccoon.


Playground located at the family campground.

Facilities (each site):

Group campsites – Six group sites, for 25 or 50 people.  Picnic table and fire ring in each site.

Family campsites – 45 tent and trailer sites, plus a few small cabin/shelters (four walled).  Each site has a fire ring and picnic table.

Site 43




Open year round!  I’ve camped here in the Spring, Fall, and WInter, and enjoyed it each time.

Other tips:

  • As with all sites in the New Jersey State Parks – no alcohol is allowed.  They do and will write tickets.
  • Campsites, especially the group one, have a lot of highway noise at night.
  • A hiking trail leads right out of the campground by the front entrance.  The trail crosses the road and goes to Allaire Village.

Nearby trails and things to see:


In Allaire – over 20 miles of trails here to hike and bike (including the Floodplain Trail).  Also, a historic village, a train with tracks, a small museum, and lots of events through the year.

We’ve also used this campground as a home base to travel to:

Experiences at the campground?  Helpful hints for folks?  Please leave them in the comments for folks to see, or e-mail them to and we’ll tack them onto the bottom here!


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