Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore – Porter, Indiana

Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore – Porter, Indiana
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Address – 1215 North Indiana State Road 49, Porter, IN 46304

This summer, our big adventure was having a new baby.  But LAST summer we took a month-long road trip out to Montana.

On day #2, we stopped at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.  Sadly, we only had a few hours to spend here, so we opted to poke through the Visitors Center, and then drive a few miles to the Dune Succession Trail.  It was a good call.

When I think dune, I think Jersey shore “maybe as tall as I am” dune.  These were “mountain of sand next to Lake Michigan” dunes.  Whoa.

We started across the sand toward the steps.

Serious, serious dunes.
Lots of steps.
Empty the sand out of the shoes.

Then it was up a billion and half steps!  But when we made it to the top…

And wow!

From the top of the dune, Lake Michigan came into view.  Straight across the way was the Chicago skyline, just able to be made out in the morning haze.

It’s there. I promise.

Then, we crashed down the other side of the dune, in the form of walking DOWN a lot of steps.  Dunes rose around us, and it was not anything like what I expected from a dune trail.

Ah, nature and… the factories of Gary, Indiana?

Oh, we have just begun to go down steps. My wife moves much faster than me, because I take too many pictures.

Also, I’m walking for two.

At the bottom, Tree Rider decided he wanted to get out and walk.  My wife and The Pres headed off down the trail… never to be seen for like 25 minutes.  Meanwhile, Tree Rider and I walked through the sand toward the beach.  The highlight was spotting a snake, which surprised me to the point I didn’t get  a picture of it!

Looking back from where we came.
Almost there!

Then, we emerged onto the beach.  It was early, but folks were already out enjoying the sun.

However, it was a bit weird to admire factories from where you sit on the beach.

But, be careful.

We turned left and followed the trail up the beach until we reached the boardwalk to the bath house.  We turned and took the boardwalk back toward the parking lot.

Good views, even when you are almost in the parking lot.

We only had a few hours here, but we really enjoyed it.  Near the southern tip of Lake Michigan, I’m sure we’ll be back this way again and have to stop to see more of the park.

Note – EARLY was a good idea, because in the summer the lot can fill up as folks come to cool off in the lake.  This is also just over the time zone line into Central Time, so keep that in mind.

Next day?  Apostle Islands National Lakeshore – Wisconsin

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