Rollin’ Along – 10 Great (Offroad) Stroller Hikes in South Jersey

Happy 10th Birthday to us!  In celebration of 10 long years, we are doing a series of birthday posts.  Look, here’s one right now!

One thing we get asked a lot is what are some, stroller friendly trails.  So here are some our favorites that are paved or crushed stone, suitable for offroad strollers with the big wheels.  Click on any hike name for more information.

We also note on each of our hike reviews whether it is stroller friendly or not, and try to keep a running list of hikes that strollers would work for here.

Feel free to share some of your favorites in the comments!

Batsto Lake (Red) Trail – Batsto, NJ – 1 mile

This trail is the shortest of three Batsto Lake Trails.  It’s also the most accessible of the three, thanks to the crushed stone that covers the whole trail thanks to an Eagle Project that left a certain South Jersey hiking blog writer very sore (congrats again Tim!).  Take in a view of the lake and enjoy the pitch pines along the way.  After the trail, much of Batsto Village is also able to be navigated with your heavy duty stroller.

Tall Pines State Preserve – Sewell, NJ – about 4 miles of trails

This trail is popular among mothers in my house who want to push a stroller and among kids in my house that like the idea that they might see a snake.  Mix that in with a former golf course owned by a Philadelphia Eagles legend that’s going back to nature, and you get a pretty great hike.  The old golf cart paths make up more than 90% of the trails here, making for easy rolling.

Elephant Swamp Trail – Elmer to Elk Township, NJ – 6 miles (one way)

This trail is nearly a straight shot, as it’s the crush stone covered right-of-way for an old train line.  BUT, along the way you’ll go through the heart of swamps and skirt the edge of farmers fields.  Having a baby well trained in self-defense tactics in a good plan, in case that elephant that supposedly wandered in here over 150 years ago is still lurking around.

Nature Trail- PSE&G Commercial Township Wetland Restoration Site – Bivalve, NJ – 2 miles (one way)

This out-and-back across the bayshore marshes of deep South Jersey along the Delaware Bay featured paved trails and a boardwalk.  Along the way, you’ll have beautiful water views, tons of birds, and the joy of walking through a town named after a feature of an oyster.  The views are great, but make sure to hike this one in the right season, as late Spring, Summer, and early Fall could leave you leaping over the rails into the bay to try to escape the mosquitos and/or the biting flies.

Cranberry Trail – Brendan Bryne State Forest – New Lisbon, NJ – 3 miles (one way)

An ADA compliant trail through a beautiful stretch of the pine barrens?  That’s what you get with the Cranberry Trail, which goes through pitch pine and a cedar swamp.  At the turn around point at mile 3 is Pakim Pond, a perfect spot for a snack before your return trip of three more miles.

Maurice River Bicycle and Walking Path – Millville, NJ – 1.5 miles (one way)

This one is made for bicycles, so its nice a smooth for strollers too.  Highlights include some old ruins, a swamp with lots of birds, a large arch footbridge, a great chance to see a bald eagle, and even a playground.

Cape May Zoo – Cape May Courthouse, NJ – several miles, especially if you keep looping back to visit the cows.

Cape May County Park has miles of stroller friendly trails to explore.  But the real fun comes when you roll your way into the centerpiece of the park – the Cape May County Zoo (costs only a donation to enjoy it!).  Visit the cow, giraffes, the cow, reptiles, the cow, spoonbills, the cow, camals, the cow, and more!  My kids love it, so will yours.

Cameron Wildlife Sanctuary – Mamora, NJ – 1.2 miles of trails

What is better than a paved and well packed dirt trail around a lake?  How about one around a lot of lakes?  With swinging benches?  And lots of birds?  Cameron Wildlife Sanctuary, aka Cape May County Park North, is 1.2 miles of easy to stroller trails and is just a short drive from Ocean City.

Swamp Trail – Estell Manor County Park – Estell Manor, NJ – 2 mile loop

Boardwalks are awesome, and Estell Manor features a boardwalk that goes past a beautiful river, past ruins of a World War I ammunition factory, and through cedar swamps.  As if that wasn’t enough, the park also has a wonderful nature center, ruins of an old glassworks, and a playground.  Hooray!

Pennington Park – Delanco, NJ – 3.8 miles of trails

Pennington is a nice little park in Burlington County.  While there is nothing spectacular about it, we seem to end up here often enough.  A boardwalk gives some views of the wetlands.  Crusted stone trails make for miles of easy walking.  A nice playground doesn’t hurt either.

Thanks for 10 great years!

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