Swede’s Lake – Delran, NJ

Swede’s Lake – Delran, Burlington County, NJ
Distance – Just about a mile exactly (with little peninsula bit)
Type – out-and-back
Difficulty:  1 of 10
Total score: 4 of 10

Website – Delran Parks and Recreation
Open – Sunrise to Sunset.

Terrain – flat lakeside hike with some marsh

Trailheads –  40° 1’28.05″N,  74°58’31.94″W

Directions – Located at the very end of 5th St

Parking – Large parking area located at the very end of 5th St

Markings – None, but trail very easy to follow

Map –

Description – After a week of solid rain, we were ready to get out and hit the trail again.  First dry day we got, we got ready to head out.  After the baby’s nap.  Which took a long time.  A very long time.

Anyway, after he woke up, we were off to Swedes Lake in Delran.  Now Swedes Lake is very famous for some fisherman pulling out a pacu fish on Fathers Day in 2015, which is a fish from the Amazon that has human like teeth. For serious.

It’s also a nice 20-30 minute hike.  The Wife, Tree Rider, The Pres, and I set off from the parking lot.  Immediately, you’ll see a nice view of the lake from next to a house.

We then continued down the road, passing an area that would be great for a boat launch, before hitting the official start of the trail.

Down toward the trailhead.
Down toward the trailhead.


Wife and kids reach the trailhead while I remain slow.
Wife and kids reach the trailhead while I remain slow.

Once you hit the trailhead, it still looks a lot like the road.  Simply follow the road down the length of the lake until it dumps you off into a meadow.



Swedes Lake side.
Swedes Lake side.
Swedes Run side.
Swedes Run side.

Once you hit the field (hard to miss, there is a baseball diamond there), you can head right, then immediately duck back into the woods on a little peninsula.  Walk down to the end of for a nice view of the lake.

Then, it’s back the way that you came.  As you head back, Swedes Run is on your right side, in some marsh.  We ducked off the trail a few times to take a peak at the run, which is more swamp than run.

On the way back, we had to dodge a dirt biker, but otherwise a nice little walk in the woods.

Nearby – LOTS of trails within a mile or so of here.  Closest is Lake Lonnie, which is on the other side of the parking area.  Also very close by are Amico Island in Delran and/or Riverside and the Taylor Wildlife Preserve in Cinnaminson.

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