Sunnyside Farm to be Demolished

Some day soon, maybe even by the time we publish this, a house from 1838, one of the oldest houses in the Township of Mount Laurel, will be demolished.  The land will be saved as Green Acres open space, but the house, known as Sunnyside Farms, will be gone.

It’s hard to fault the township on this.  It would cost a fortune to to fix the home up.  The home has been vacant for some time and has been broken into several times.  With the hordes of opportunistic lawyers out there, it’s only a matter of time before gets hurt, and the township gets sued.

But at the same time, once these buildings are gone, they are gone forever.

So on a June evening, The Pres and I stopped by to snap a picture or two and to pay our last respects to a home that was built back when Martin van Buren was President.  To pay our last respects and to wonder if there is another way.

Some folks are trying to find another way – Sign the Save Sunnyside Farm Petition

Article from the Courier Post.

Article from the Mt. Laurel Sun

4 thoughts on “Sunnyside Farm to be Demolished

  1. Thank you for this. It hurts the heart to watch once again as no one can “find another way.” One more sad commentary on our choices.

    1. A travesty! The township is responsible for enabling this majestic, historical home to deteriorate, REQUIRING those extensive repairs! Would township officials permit THEIR homes to experience the same death sentence?! Shame on all who perpetuated and are responsible! Where are our values, and what are we teaching our children?!

  2. Visited Sunnyside Farm as a guest of Dottie Neuber, as a child. Her peanut butter cookies were the best. Very fond memories.

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