Two South Jersey Bloggers Explore The Area’s Secrets, From the Pine Barrens to the Rural Communities.

Eric is a student at Glassboro College Rowan University who runs a blog on Glassboro history. He recently interviewed me about South Jersey Trails. More importantly, he also interviewed Yummygal of the old South Jersey Adventures blog (I miss that blog).  Go ahead and take a read!

While you’re there, definitely check out at least Eric’s interview with some of the students who graduated Glassboro High School in 1986… the year President Reagan came to the ceremony. Fascinating little corner of history that I’d never heard about!

Thank you Eric for reaching out!

The Glassboro History Handbook

It’s March 26, 2017 and Rowan’s students are more than halfway through the Spring 2017 Semester. It’s been a blast sharing Glassboro’s hidden secrets with you all. I’ve learned a lot about the town, as I’m sure you have as well.

This week’s post won’t be about Train Stations or Glass Factories. This week, I reached out to two bloggers who blog about historic and interesting places in South Jersey. I’ve given you a profile about both, so enjoy!

Yummygal Photo Professional Photo taken of Giumetti. (Photo/Deirdre Giumetti)

Deirdre Giumetti, a.k.a. Yummygal, runs a blog via WordPress called “South Jersey History & Adventures.” The mother of two hasn’t posted new content to her blog for about two years, but she’s covered places in South Jersey since 2011, which gives readers a wide-selection of content to choose from.

Giumetti, 35, of Woodstown NJ started her blog when she left her position with Enclara…

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