Sunrise In The New Jersey Pinelands

One of our favorite photographers – Richard Lewis – has another great series of shots, this time of a progressing sunset at the Parker Preserve! This is seriously one of the best hiking spots in the whole state of New Jersey, so it’s totally worth the trip to see it. For help along the way, you can check out our write ups on some of the trails there – the White Trail, the Batona reroute through the preserve, or a guest post from James on the Red Trail.

I know I’m dying to get out there for a sunset now!

Full post and beautiful pictures by Richard Lewis.

One thought on “Sunrise In The New Jersey Pinelands

  1. Thanks for reblogging this post. I appreciate it and being one of your favorite photographers too. I also agree with you whole heartedly that the Franklin Parker Preserve is one of the best places to hike in New Jersey.

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