Leeds Point – Galloway Township, NJ

Leeds Point – Galloway Township, NJ

So, because we were already there, we took a drive down Leeds Point.  This area is famous for, of course, being the reputed birthplace of the Leed’s Devil, better known as the Jersey Devil.

We quickly found a massive monster, obviously a friend of our state demon.


We then started finding old houses, which HAS to be a sign.

Then, turtle crossing signs.  We all know how protective the Jersey Devil is of turtles.  We had to be on the right track.

Soon, we discovered a likely looking dirt road.  Very likely looking.  Very.

Suddenly, without warning (other than the numerous signs)… A BOAT LAUNCH!!!!

Okay, so we were really just right back in the Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge again, which we’d just left minutes before after a full day of hiking.  We weren’t really expecting to find anything.  Although these things (something to do with hunting?) were pretty cool.

If you want to ACTUALLY learn about the Leeds Devil/Jersey Devil, there are much better places to go than this blog.  For instance:

The McCloy/Miller classics:
The Jersey Devil
by McCloy and Miller (the classic in the field)
Phantom of the Pines: More Tales of the Jersey Devil by McCloy and Miller

There’s also the recent, and very interesting, book by Bill Sprouse –
The Domestic Life of the Jersey Devil: Or Bebop’s Miscellany

Bill is a relative of the Jersey Devil, something like the Great Great Great Great Great Great Nephew.  His book is fascinating (although *SPOILER ALERT*, he doesn’t believe in the Jersey Devil, at least not that there is a demon out in the woods right now looking to get you), as it explores his family’s South Jersey roots in Galloway Township and Atlantic City,  possible roots of the legend that go back to a religious argument between factions of Quakers in old West Jersey, Bill’s chasing down of the Mayor of Galloway/local renowned Jersey Devil expert (at least for the cable tv programs), and Bill’s quest to discover the folklore of Jersey Devil by the tried and true research methods of talking to people at Wawa in the middle of the  night.

Or, of course, any number of questionable works of fiction featuring ol’ J.D., my favorites being Robert Dunbar’s The Pines and Tony DiGerolamo’s Jersey Devil comic book series

If you want your ears to bleed, my long ago awful band even did an educational song about the Jersey Devil.

Just don’t ever watch the movie The 13th Child.  Seriously, don’t.

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