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January 5, 2018



Exciting news! City To City Apparel has teamed up with South Jersey Trails to get some awesome South Jersey Trails t-shirts made! Now, you can look your finest while hiking, canoeing, or backpacking across the finest state in the nation (South Jersey), or let people know where you’re from when visiting other places!

Best of all, all proceeds from these shirts will benefit Unexpected Wildlife Refuge in Newfield, NJ and the fine work that they do there.

But this is for a limited time only! Shirts can be preordered for only the next two weeks, and will be shipped the end of January!

For more info and preorders, go [...]

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July 7, 2017

Pardon the mess… new website!

So as you may have noticed, the website looks new and fancy!  Unfortunately, there were some glitches with the transfer: a bunch of links stopped working because of an extra letter I need to change by hand in each link, many of the cover photos disappeared, some of the post photos are missing, there are some menus that aren’t quite right… these were probably my fault, because computers hate me, but we’re working on it!

I’ve fixed more than half the site, but it will be a while until its all perfect!  The hiking page was the first to be fixed, so you should be able to look up hikes while we work!

Thanks for your patience!

Update: New baby [...]


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March 15, 2013

Hey look, a blog.

Every time I go into a place that sells books on hiking in New Jersey, I always crack them open.  And I’m always sadly disappointed at the lack of hikes listed in South Jersey.  This is a life experience I share with millions of other people, I am sure.  There are always TONS of awesome hikes listed for the Delaware Water Gap or the Palisades, but rarely more than a handful for anywhere close to where I live in South Jersey.  I can only handle the Turnpike so much in any given year.

Thus was born this book.  I mean blog.  Because creating a book requires a larger attention span than I have.  So blog is totally a better plan here.

The grand, [...]

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