Cedar Lake – Voorhees, NJ

Cedar Lake Park was a swimming lake in Voorhees off of what is now Route 73.  I was told that at some point in the 1980s, a sign went up that said “Closed for the season due to insurance rates.”  The lake never reopened.  It is now a part of the Kresson Golf Club property.

Several years ago, I was talking on a message board (remember message boards?) about old spots and someone brought this to my attention.  I decided to go look for it and managed to find it and take a few photos from the road, because how long does this stuff last?

I had someone email me this week asking about Cedar Lake and I remembered that I had these pictures somewhere.  I found them just fine.  To my horror, they were taken on Leap Day… 2004.

If anyone has photos or memories to share from Cedar Lake Park’s hey day, I’d be happy to share them here!

Abandoned car in the woods on what is now probably a parking lot to Virtua Hospital.
Sign from Dutchtown Road.
Sign was in pretty good shape for being up for probably 30 years at this point.
The old entrance?
Fire pit that looks more like a picnic ground feature than a golf course feature.
Looks like an old picnic pavillion.

southjerseytrails@gmail.com if you’d like to share photos or stories!

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