Where have you been hiding?

A few folks have mentioned that we (okay, I) haven’t been posting lately.  And I sure haven’t been.

A decade ago, I set out on an epic journey to write a book about hiking in South Jersey.  This epic journey lasted almost three days, after which I quit.  Because writing a book is really hard.  Instead, I made this big, dumb website, full of bad puns and trail pictures featuring my growing brood of however many children I now have.

A year ago, out of the blue, I was approached to help write a second edition of a New Jersey hiking book.  Like, a real book.  I had to laugh.  I thought about saying no, but my wife convinced me to say yes.  So I went for it.

So for the past year, that’s what I’ve been doing – hiking all over the state of New Jersey to check out a lot of new hikes and to rehike some old favorites.

The final draft is now turned in.  My co-author seems to have not thrown me off a cliff (yet… thanks for being awesome Priscilla!).  The publishers and editors have been really great (thanks Appalachian Mountain Club!).  The book should come out early in 2024.

What does this mean?  It means back to writing blog posts with terrible jokes!  It means subjecting the seven readers of this website to more pictures of my children (the one year old is adorable, you aren’t prepared for it)!  I means I really need to check my southjerseytrails@gmail.com email that I have not looked at since probably last November!  It means trying to get my new computer to cooperate with me after my 10 year old computer died on me last December!

Down the line, I’ll have more info about the book and where to get it.  But for now, posts about small county parks with just over a mile of trail through fields aren’t going to write themselves.

Happy trails!
Mike, Alix, The Pres, Tree Rider, Kite Flyer, the Big Fella, and oh-man-I-really-need-a-nickname-for-the-other-one-he’s-already-16-months-old

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