Amico Island Update – Delran, NJ

When we started this blog close to 9 years ago, it was an excuse to go on adventures to new places that we’d never been to.  For some parks, one visit was enough, and we haven’t even been back.  For others, it’s been the beginning of many wonderful visits.

Amico Island County Park is one of those second kinds.  The Pres and I slipped and slided our way through the snow here 8 years ago, back when he was an only child and we all thought the Phillies and Flyers poor play was temporary and they’d improve as clubs (hahahahahahahaha!  What fools we were!).  The Pres and I had a blast, I wrote a review, and that was that for the post.  But over the last 8 years, we’ve been back more than a dozen times to visit, and Tree Rider, Kite Flyer, and the Big Fella have all gotten to visit this wonderful park.

So, an update!  Included the layout of the rest of the trails and a ton of new pictures from our many visits there: Amico Island Update

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