Adventures Along the Delaware in South Jersey

So, I did a Zoom lecture thing thanks to the lovely people at the Delaware River Greenway Partnership, where I shared adventures on ten trails in South Jersey along the Delaware.  For those who didn’t take notes or who didn’t want to hear me run my mouth for an hour (I don’t blame you!), here’s the Cliff Notes version of adventures on the Delaware River!

Also, if you missed it and want to watch it, you can at:

Click on the title of any section for the trail info and the full trail information and review.

Stop 1 – D&R Canal Towpath – Trenton, NJ to Bordentown, Burlington County, NJ – 4.5 Miles

This 4 1/2 mile walk heads through the Abbot Marshlands that stretch between Trenton and Bordentown.  While the Abbott Marshlands have five trails, this one is the closest to the Delaware.  It follows the old canal townpath for four miles, passing the canal, an old lock, and some mile markers, before crossing a railroad bridge and running through Bordentown to the mouth of Crosswicks Creek.

Stop 2 – Amico Island County Park – Delran, Burlington County, NJ – 2 miles of trails

Amico Island, a penninsula cleverly disguised as an island, offers two miles of trails, largely around the edge with lovely water views.  Keep an eye out for the remains of small boats and barges, for rocks that were dredged out of the river, and for some really nice views of the Delaware River.

Stop 3 – Taylor Farm Preserve – Cinnaminson, Burlington County, NJ – 3 miles of trails

One of our favorite spots, the private bit of land is the last farm on the shores of the Delaware between Trenton and Camden.  It also allows hiking along a series of nature trails that traverse the shoreline of the Delaware, a pond with beavers, and community garden plots.

Stop 4 – Palmyra Nature Cove – Palmyra, Burlington County, NJ – 8 miles of trails

A dumping ground for dredging muck never looked so good, as this preserve nestled between the Delaware River and Pennsauken Creek features the Cove Trail.  The ever narrowing trail runs over a narrow spit of land between the cove and the river before taking a bridge over to marshy land by Pennsauken Creek.

Stop 5 – Cramer Hill Nature Preserve – Camden, Camden County, NJ – 1 mile of trails

This former sewage treatment plant site has been turned into a touch of wilderness in Camden, NJ.  Make sure to check out the back channel of the Delaware!

Stop 6 – Pettys Island Preserve – Pennsauken, Camden County, NJ – 2 1/2+ miles of trails

When it opens to the public in 2001, this 300 acre park will quickly become a gem of South Jersey.  Miles of trails that have great views of Philadelphia and Camden, as well as woods and swamps with some hidden surprises.

Stop 7 – Wheelabrator Wildlife Refuge – Westville, Gloucester County, NJ – 3 miles (round trip)

How nice can a hike that starts by following the fenceline of a power plant that burns trash be?  Actually, really nice.  Lovely views of Big Timber Creek, mud flats that stretch out, and the ability to hear the boos from Lincoln Financial Field!

Stop 8 – Red Bank County Park – National Park, Gloucester County, NJ – 1 mile of trails

Do you wake up in the morning and decide you want to watch a beautiful sunset where the British army (or at least their Hessian allies) got their behinds handed to them during the War for Independence?  Well, then this is the park for you.  Views of the water, the remains of a Revolutionary War fort, a house that’s older than the country, and those sunsets… it’s one stop awesome.

Stop 9 – Floodgates Road/Riverside Park – Greenwich Township, Gloucester County, NJ – 2 miles

All the fun that an elevated road between the Delaware River and a swamp can be.  Birds, snapping turtles, ruins of houses, and nice breezes, Floodgates Road is a great spot.

Stop 10 – Fort Mott State Park – Pennsville, Salem County, NJ – 1 1/2 miles of trails

Our last stop! Fort Mott once protected Philadelphia from the Spanish, now it’s a great spot to let the kids check out giant concrete hills while taking in some nice river views.  So much to explore here!

I hope those that made it enjoyed the presentation!  Thanks again to the Delaware River Greenways Partnership for having us!

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  1. Thank you! Very much enjoyed it- but badly need these Cliff Notes since I attempted to listen while being interrupted by our own 4 kids! (Lol- probably caught a good 60% of what you said- not too shabby)

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