Oldmans Creek Preserve Update – Auburn, NJ

Oldmans Creek Preserve in Auburn is an old Boy Scout Camp now turned nature preserve under the care of South Jersey Land & Water Trust.

There a few miles of trails here that include views of beautiful Oldmans Creek, remains of Scout camp, lots of birds and wildlife, and some peaceful woods.  Even after 3 or 4 visits, we just keep finding more stuff to love about this little patch of woods.

Original, updated post – Oldmans Creek Preserve

4 thoughts on “Oldmans Creek Preserve Update – Auburn, NJ

  1. Many times I have launched my kayak from Route 130 and paddled up Oldmans Creek to the Oldmans Creek Preserve.  It is a scenic route through wetlands with a wide variety of flora and fauna.

    Minor errors in the posting below:  You can’t see Raccoon Creek from the Oldmans Creek Preserve.  Raccoon Creek is another scenic creek nearly devoid of manmade structures; however, Raccoon Creek is several miles to the northeast of Oldmans Creek and these streams are not connected unless you paddle up the Delaware River.  Also, there is not an apostrophe in “Oldmans”.


    1. Thanks Glen, fixed it! The toddler kept trying to carry the baby around while I was writing this the morning, so I was very distracted.

  2. It is called the Oldmans Creek Preserve because it overlooks and is next to Oldmans Creek NOT the Racoon Creek.

    1. Thanks Greg, fixed it. The toddler kept trying to carry the baby around while I was writing this, so I was not very focused!

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