Swedes Run Fields – Moorestown, NJ

Swedes Run Fields – Moorestown, Burlington County, NJ
Distance – about 2 miles total if you walk all the pieces of trail.
Type – Paved and dirt paths
Difficulty:  1 of 10

Website – Moorestown Parks & Playgrounds
Open – Sunrise to Sunset.

Terrain – Fields with some patches of woods
Surface – Paved and dirt

Trailheads – 39°59’5.57″N, 74°55’30.38″W

Directions – 735 Westfield Road, Moorestown, NJ

Parking – Small lot

Dog friendly? Leashed dogs allowed on trails, unleashed dogs allowed in the fenced in dog park
Stroller friendly? Offroad stroller would work fine for most of the trail
Benches? None
Facilities?: None

Rules – Were not posted.

Markings – Some distance markers around the farm field
Map – None, but here’s our track.  There’s another bit of loop on the north side that we missed.

Description –

So after 50-some days hanging out in the house, the kids and I started going out again on weekday mornings.  Our adventure this day?  Swedes Run Fields in Moorestown!  I’d wanted to take a picture of this barn forever, and not there’s a trail next to it too, so perfect.

This was likely built in the early 1800s and may have originally been a house or part of a house.

We took the trail from the parking lot that ran back behind the barn.

It shortly reached a four way intersection.  We went straight and headed for the little bridge.

The view from the bridge was nice, but a woman who was walking her dog said that the water was usually clear.

Just past the bridge, the trail splits.  This is a lollipop, so either way will bring you back to this intersection.  We chose right, because reasons.

This was the only part of the trail with much tree cover.

With flowers being a definite plus.

We soon got back to the end of the loop.  We recrossed the bridge to the four way intersection.

At the intersection, straight would have taken us to our car.  We opted to head left, follow the trail to the road, and cross over to the other side of the park.

On the other side of the road, we turned left to head down the paved trail.  The trail turns right just before the bridge, but we went to check the bridge out before we continued out hike.

We were rewarded with getting to see what I’m pretty sure was a muskrat!

We then went back to where the trail went.  This part of the trail loops around a piece of land that is rented out to a farmer.  It starts as crushed stone, which turns into tire tracks toward the back of the first side of the field.

We found a balloon!

We rounded the back of the field and then worked out way back to the road.

From here, we could have gone left, recrossed the road, and taken a short walk around to that four way intersection behind the barn.  But it was the rocket launch that day and we had about three minutes, so we rushed down the sidewalk back to the car to watch.  History.

Nearby: Moorestown has so many great trails to check out.

Boundary Creek is great.

Little Woods on the Rancocas is great.

There’s also Waterworks Woods, Farrago Farm, Pompeston Park, and South Valley Woods in town.

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  1. I am from Princeton. I was riding across the state on Rt. 561. Someone mentioned Blueberry Hill Preserve. We stopped to explore. What a gem! I never thought I would see a warning sign for a switchback. Or be able to stand on a bench to see Phillie through the trees. So many trails. Did you review this previously? Were you and the kids impressed?

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