Batona Trail Patch!!!

I’ve really wanted one for years, so I finally just went ahead and made them myself.  That’s right, it’s a…

The Batona Trail is, of course, South Jersey’s PREMIER (also only) long distance hiking trail, and there hasn’t been a patch to celebrate it in decades.  Until now.

We definitely underestimated the demand for this (which I figured was probably “1”, which we’re ashamed of now, because of course there is a ton of love for South Jersey’s PREMIER long distance hiking trail), but these are on sale now from us for a bargain basement price of $6 per patch (with $1 shipping per patch, or you can come to my house in Barrington in Camden County and pick one up if you’d like to save $1).  I’ll be out of my first run soon, possibly even as I make this post, but we’ll reorder as many times as we need to until the whole world is covered in Batona Trail patches.

We at South Jersey Trails are new at this whole merchandise thing, and pretty terrible in general at being good capitalists.  We don’t have a store set up.  We have no idea how Amazon or Ebay works (other than they keep taking my money and books keep appearing on my porch).  But I have a Venmo account.  And my wife has PayPal and even understands how it works.  Or we take mailed checks, concealed cash, pirate gold, or bartering for South Jersey books that I don’t own yet.

So if you want one, please email us at and we’ll figure out how to trade money/mystery Internet credits/pirate gold/barter books for this sweet, sweet 3″, pink rimmed patch.

All proceeds benefit keeping this terrible hiking blog up on the Internet!

And if you don’t know what the Batona Trail is, you can discover all the magic at, which will just redirect you to the Batona Trail section of this site, but which we are still tickled pink (HA!  PINK!  BATONA!  PINK!) that we own now.

One thought on “Batona Trail Patch!!!

  1. Awsome patch I would love 5 of them! My wife and her friends are hiking the trail in several sections

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