Ebright Azimuth… the highest point in Delaware

Ebright Azimuth – the highest point in Delaware!
Ebright Road and Ramblewood Drive, Wilmington, DE

On a blustery “Spring” day, Mrs. South Jersey Trails and I spent our first day away from all three kids in nine months.  So where did we go?  On an epic venture to summit the highest point in Delaware – Ebright Azimuth.

We parked our car on Ramblewood Drive, out of the way of traffic on Ebright Road.  From there, it was a grueling climb of zero elevation spaced out over dozens of feet to reach the historic sign designating the highest point of this state famous for its high peaks.

The exhaustion and lack of oxygen are having their effect.

While facing the sign, the actual surveying marker is a few dozen feet to the left.  You can see it because the sidewalk is cut out a bit to make room for it.

On a clear day, you can see all the way to Pennsylvania from this high vantage point.

This is the lofty summit of Delaware as seen from Pennsylvania. I’m standing at the highest point in Delaware off in the far distance there.

Overall, a worth adventure for our first outing in the 3,402,109 months since Kite Flyer was born (we also went to a barn full of books.  It was awesome).


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