Port Republic Trail System (West side) – Port Republic, NJ

Port Republic Trail System – Trails West of English Creek-Port Republic Road – Port Republic, Atlantic County, NJ
Distance – Not sure how many miles of trails on this side (5?  6?).  We did 4 1/4 miles of hiking with a few bits of loop backs using the Bog Trail, Nuthatch Trail, Bog to English Creek Connector, Peninsula Trail, South Side, Bridge Bypass, and some of the old roads.
Type – Web
Difficulty:  3 of 10 – lots of trails, bit easy to get crossed up

Website – Port Republic Trail System (Facebook page, no website)
Open – Sunrise to Sunset.

Terrain – pine forest, lakeside, swamp, and more
Surface – dirt

Trailheads –  39°31’5.14″N,  74°30’37.15″W

Directions – Indian Cabin Road, Port Republic, NJ 08241

Parking – Small lot with room for 6 or 7 cars

Dog friendly? Yes, but must be on a leash and cleaned up after.
Stroller friendly?  Should be doable with big wheels
Benches? A few

Facilities?: None

Markings – painted blazes and posts with arrows

Map –


November was a tough month around here, so I took a day off to clear my head a bit.  The Pres and I decided to do the OTHER side of the Port Republic Trails, as we’d done the shorter Mill Pond Loop side back in the Spring.

WARNING OFF THE BAT: This area is open to hunting, so if you hike in hunting season (as we were), make sure to wear ORANGE and to be CAREFUL.  If this makes you nervous, I’d advise waiting until February when hunting season is over.

We started off Indian Cabin Road in the parking area, exploring the Bog Trail and Nutchatch Trail first (which make a figure 8), finishing up at the lake.

We then opted to take the Bog to English Creek Connector, which passed at the edge of a few backyards, including having to enter on to cross a bridge next to the dam that forms the lake.


Once crossing the bridge, the trail quickly meets up with an old road, which takes you back on the far side of the lake until the trails kick in again. We turned right onto the South Side Trail when we had the chance, then turned right again onto the tiny Penninsula Trail, which may have been the highlight of this part of the park (although the connectors along the lakeside have to be a close second).

After that, we did a bit loop on the trails by the swamps, reaching to very close to Garden State Parkway.  We then came back by way of the Bridge Bypass, walking a bit on the old dirt access roads, and then retraced our steps past the Peninsula Trail, up past the Bog Trail-English Creek Connector, and back to the car.

It was 4 1/4 miles of lovely, and a woods break that I pretty desperately needed.

Just across the road from the parking lot was the old Clark’s Log Meeting House, which is no more. However, the graveyard remains, including veterans of the War for Independence.

I found some pictures from my first time here, back in 2004.









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