We’re in the Philadelphia Inquirer today!

So, a certain South Jersey hiking blog was written about on the front page of the South Jersey section of the Philadelphia Inquirer today.

“South Jersey man’s hiking blog has half million fans, and climbing”

Big thank you to Kevin Riordan for taking interest in our little blog here, and for writing such a nice article about it!  Big thank you to Kevin and Elizabeth (who managed to get nice pictures of me) for schlepping two miles through the woods with me last Thursday, and then still have nice things things to say!

And, of course, thank you to everyone who comes to read what I have to say about the dirt paths through the woods, meadows, marshes, and swamps of the greatest state in the Union, South Jersey.

2 thoughts on “We’re in the Philadelphia Inquirer today!

  1. I was so excited to read the article on your adventures. Can’t wait to hike some of the trails. My husband and dog Koda will join me.

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