Berlin Park (South End) Hike

New South Jersey hiking with kids (and other awesome stuff) blog just getting started up! Well worth checking out (warning: first entry will make you want pie).

NJ Hiking Mom

img_0174I can walk to Berlin Park from my house in about 20 minutes, so it’s silly that I’ve never done much of this hike before. There’s a reason though; I usually have my kids when I’m around town, and there’s a playground right at the trailhead. Whenever we come here, we usually end up spending a lot of time playing and very little time exploring. And since a caterpillar incident more than a year ago, my daughter has not been enthusiastic about this park.

Since I had a morning to myself, I wanted to spend a little more time checking out the trails back here. According to the official website, there are about five miles of mixed gravel and dirt trails; I did about 2.86 miles out and back, but a downed tree prevented me from going any further.


As with most of the Camden County parks I’ve visited, the trail is not very…

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