Hitting The Trails Of South Jersey With Michael McCormick

Did you ever want to know more about the man behind this very prestigious and worldly blog? Well, Chet over at Naturally New Jersey and I had a chat last Thursday night, and he did this very kind write up. Make sure to check out his blog for some great pictures of his own ramblings along the trails of South Jersey!

Naturally New Jersey

Mike backpacking at Apple Pie Hill on the Batona Trail in New Jersey's pine barrens. (Photo/Michael McCormick) Mike backpacking at Apple Pie Hill on the Batona Trail in New Jersey’s pine barrens.
(Photo/Michael McCormick)

If you’ve enjoyed learning about cool places to explore right here in New Jersey from my blog, I want to take the time now to introduce you to another blogger who also covers the great outdoors of the Garden State. This week, I talked to fellow blogger Michael McCormick who has a blog called South Jersey Trails. Michael’s blog reports on cool places to go hiking in South Jersey. Since, you have enjoyed learning about natural places to explore in New Jersey from me, I thought you might enjoy learning about another New Jersey blogger’s experiences. Michael McCormick is 28 years-old and lives in Barrington, New Jersey, and here is his story about blogging for South Jersey Trails.

Michael, who graduated from Rowan in 2007, started his blog called South Jersey Trails in 2013. When his…

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