Washington Lake Park – Sewell, NJ


Washington Lake Park – Sewell, Gloucester County, NJ
Distance: 2.5 miles of hiking on 9 hiking trails, 2.85 miles of additional paved jogging/walking trails
Type: Interconnected loops
Difficulty: 1  of 10
Total score: X  of 10 (you’ll see why I’m not scoring it yet)

Website – Washington Lake Park
Open – Sunrise to Sunset.  General store open Saturdays and Sundays, 10 AM to 4 PM, February to December.

*NOTE – to my readers who take their dogs hiking with them, this is a dog free park!  Sewell has a separate dog park nearby, but sadly no hiking trails there*

Terrain – meadows, ponds, and woods

Trailheads –  39°44’28.81″N,  75° 5’44.15″W.  Plenty of other options, we started at Lot G to hit the Butterfly Trail first.

Directions – 626 Hurffville-Cross Keys Road, Sewell, NJ 08080

Parking – plenty of VERY large lots.

Standouts – koi pond

Markings – Street signs

Map – Beautiful map and brochure located here
If it won’t load for whatever reason, a not-as-nice version –

Description – Due to the fancy brochure, I was very excited for this park.  The boys and I headed down nice and early, jumped out of the car, walked down the jogging path to the trailhead and…



A short walk quickly led us to realize that all of the hiking trails are closed due to storm damage.  The paved jogging trails, however, were open, so we walked a mile around on them.  This was enough to let us know that we have to come back and do the real trails.


To start, the trails are well labeled with street signs.  Definitely a clever way to do it, we haven’t seen that before!

While we couldn’t get to Cedar Pond or Washington Lake, we could get to the Koi Pond.  The Pres and Tree Rider LOVED seeing the huge fish sticking their noses out of the water.  An army of ducks (none of whom begged us for bread!) didn’t hurt either.

Duff-ees... er, ducks.

Duff-ees… er, ducks.

These fish are pretty awesome.

These fish are pretty awesome.

Pond is nice looking too.

Pond is nice looking too.

Along the hiking and jogging paths are trees dedicated to town residents, which is a really nice touch.


And, we got to see some things we wouldn’t usually come across in the woods, like a large stage and a memorial to the township police, including one who died in the line of duty.



And since our hike ended up much shorter than planned, we spent time on the playground.  There, the boys rode a bee and steered playground equipment across the grassy fields.




A beautiful park, even if not quite what we had been looking for that day.

Overall recommendation – We’ll give it some time to get the storm damage fixed up, then we’ll be back for the hiking trails.  If they are half as nice as the part of the park that we did see, they should be really good!



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3 responses to “Washington Lake Park – Sewell, NJ

  1. Roger

    Even though the trails are “closed”, you can walk them with no real hassle. There are still some blocked paths, but plenty of forest to explore. The best part of WLP for me is the deer, which I almost always run into (if you know where to look). Be sure to check the dock behind the Koi pond, its my favorite spot.

    • Roger

      Forgot to mention too, there is a dog park section now located directly in WLP (off the Greentree Road entrance), however dogs are not allowed in the rest of the park or on the trails.

    • Thanks Roger! We’ll definitely be back down there, even the paved paths were really nice, I’m excited to see some of the others ones (and the butterfly garden).

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