Old Bog Trail – Whitesbog, Browns Mills, NJ

Old Bog Trail, Whitesbog Village, Brown’s Mills (Pemberton Township), Burlington County, NJ

With so many new trails here AND the Old Bog Trail being renamed the nature trail, we gave up and just created a new post for all of the trails in Whitesbog.

Click here to go to that new post.


7 thoughts on “Old Bog Trail – Whitesbog, Browns Mills, NJ

  1. Just a quick note to say, thanks for visiting Whitesbog! The blueberry bushes on the far side of Suningive (Elizabeth White’s home) are the original 30 plus varieties of blueberry bushes collected from the Pines that were used to help cultivate the high bush blueberry. They are approx. 100 years old.

  2. We missed the beginning of the nature trail since it was very confusing to find. Instead found the beginning of the boardwalk. Access to a map to go along with numbers would be appreciated, along with better signage.

    The driving tour you mentioned :. When I asked the staff at the store about that was told they did not have any information on that. It was something the State put out and did not provide them with the info. There is really not a driving tour per se, just follow the road. Sooo that’s we did.

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