Happy National Trails Day – 2014!

The big day is here, happy National Trails Day!  I hope that everyone was able to get a few miles in today!

The Pres, The Wife, and unnicknamed baby and a couple of Scouts celebrated this morning on the trails at the previously reviewed Black Run Preserve in Evesham. We had a nice 2 1/2 mile hike through the trees and old bogs there.



Where did you hike or volunteer this weekend to celebrate?

2 thoughts on “Happy National Trails Day – 2014!

  1. Yesterday, I took the day to pick litter from some of the small trails around Medford I used to use as a kid. The ones before we had cars and so they were of a serious importance if we wished to get to shops or each others houses.

  2. I went to Elephant Swamp in Elk Twp. on Friday since I was spending the rest of the weekend with the dogs and cats at CCAS. I did take a shelter dog to Fasola Park in Deptford and she seemed to enjoy the trail there.

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