Cherry Valley Trail – Cherry Hill, NJ

Cherry Valley Trail – Cherry Hill, Camden County, NJ
Distance: ???
Type: ???
Difficulty: ? of 10.
Total score: ? of 10.

Awesome group of people who post maps and maintain trails: Cherry Hill Trail Crew

Terrain – Stream, forest.

Map in PDF form – Cherry Valley Trail-layout_201304301158499150
Note: Trails do not exist.

Trailheads – Briar Lane

Standouts – Stream and trees.

Markings – None.

Description: I was excited about this one.  A valley!  With cherries!

There is a beautiful baseball field, and a lovely playground.  The Pres and I walked down what we thought the trail was, but we were really just bushwacking.  Found a nice stream.  Had to climb over some downed trees.  Accidentally ran the baby into a branch.



Oh trail??  Where aaaaare you?

Oh trail?? Where aaaaare you?



The Cherry Hill Trails are EXTREMELY well marked as a rule, so there was only one conclusion I could reach – they haven’t actually built the trails yet.  Yes, there is a map (see above) that was on the official town website.  If you look closely, the trails cut through the middle of a house.  Twice.  Despite that, this is still far from the worst planning that has ever been done in Camden County.

So we did what humans have done for centuries when faced with adversity – played on the slide.

Suddenly, we forgot about getting run into a tree.

Suddenly, The Pres forgot about getting run into a tree.

He will have his driver's license very soon.

He will have his driver’s license very soon.

Overall recommendation: Under construction?


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