Hey look, a blog.

Every time I go into a place that sells books on hiking in New Jersey, I always crack them open.  And I’m always sadly disappointed at the lack of hikes listed in South Jersey.  This is a life experience I share with millions of other people, I am sure.  There are always TONS of awesome hikes listed for the Delaware Water Gap or the Palisades, but rarely more than a handful for anywhere close to where I live in South Jersey.  I can only handle the Turnpike so much in any given year.

Thus was born this book.  I mean blog.  Because creating a book requires a larger attention span than I have.  So blog is totally a better plan here.

The grand, noble purpose of this blog is exploring the many hiking/backpacking routes in my home state of South Jersey.  This is by no means a “best of”, it’s far more of a survey.  And there are approximately 18 bazillion trails out there to explore, so this could potentially last a good while.Image

My other hobbies include photography, dragging my baby to places most kids his age never go to (earning strange looks from my friends and family), and taking my $100 canoe out, so expect a chunk of that mixed in liberally.

Thus begins the cataloging of my series of adventures with a wacky cast of characters.  I hope some people can use this to help them start their own hikes, walks, etc in the greater South Jersey area.

Expect many more uses of the word “thus”.  And “awesome”.  Thus, awesome.

9 thoughts on “Hey look, a blog.

  1. Hi Mike,
    I came to this site after reading your post on the PBX site. I recommend that you explore the Rancocas State Park located on Rancocas road in Westampton. I recommend parking at the Westampton middle school and head down the dirt road behind the school. I have not seen any maps but there are many trails and some can be combined for a 5 mile hike.

  2. I second checking out Rancocas State Park. For a map, stop at the NJ Audubon Society on Rancocas Road. The map isn’t the best quality but is better than no map at all. You can also begin your hike from their parking lot. Enjoy!

    1. Hi Mark,

      Every time I get reminders from REI about the Friends of Black Run Preserve meetings, I mean to go check out the preserve. I printed out the map on the link you included, I’ll have to get over there real soon.


  3. Mike,
    Dave & I went to Maurice River Bluff on Thursday. We did all the trails. There is a orange trail that was not on the map we had and I thought that was the nicest. Part of the blue trail was closed so we had to do the alternate route. We are beginners and there were a few parts that were a bit challenging but nothing we couldn’t handle.
    We are enjoying your blog.

    1. Thanks Mary! We’ll have to go try the Maurice River Bluffs out. I’ve been wanting to go visit the Palace of Depression in Vineland again, so that and the hike would make a nice little outing.

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