Old Pine Farm Trails – Deptford, NJ


Old Pine Farms – Deptford Township, Gloucester County, NJ
Distance: Not known.  We did a mile on the Main Trail, Creek Loop, and Nia’s Way.
Type: Loops
Difficulty:  3 of 10
Total score:  6 of 10

Website – Old Pine Farm Natural Lands Trust
Open – Sunrise to Sunset.

Terrain – Forest, field, and marsh.

Trailheads – 39°48’34.31″N,  75° 5’13.46″W


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Penbryn WMA – Winslow, NJ


Penbryn Wildlife Management Area – Winslow, Camden County, NJ
Distance: We did just under a mile out and back along the right side of the area.  Probably about as much trail on the other side.
Type: Out and back (horseshoe)
Difficulty: 1 of 10
Total score: 5 of 10

Website – Penbryn WMA
Open – Sunrise to Sunset.

Terrain – Lakeside

Trailheads – Along Penbryn Road, before the railroad track. Pretty much pull over anywhere that looks good.


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South Jersey Trails gets some press (like, actual print media)!

Well, South Jersey Trails got some real life print press! We were mentioned in a great article by Peter Dabbene.

I had to laugh while reading it, because his own frustrations in finding local trails was pretty much exactly how I felt when I started this sucker up! Pete, thanks for the love, glad you’re enjoying your hikes!

If anyone has a copy of the Hamilton Post from last month and can clip the print version of the article and send it to me, I’ll gladly send back one of The Pres’s famed pictures of doggies (note: may look like scribbles. I like to think of them as post-modern).

Hidden Hamilton (and other nearby nature)

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Ole’s Ranch/Sally Starr’s The Ponderosa

Written: 2006.

It all began with that small blurb about the history of  Voorhees Township that I read as part of earning a merit badge for Boy Scouts when I was in my early teens. I had always been a history-minded individual, and the idea of my own very modern, suburban town having a history that stretched back beyond the rows of shiny new houses fascinated me. Some of the places in the history I knew about, such as Kresson School, the Haddon Cabaña Club (which I had visited, after its abandonment, with my mom and friend when I was 7 or 8), Kresson Lake (with its still-visible-at-the-time diving platform), and Sunshine Lake (where my grandmother had picnicked in the ’20s and ’30s). However, there were places that I hadn’t heard about. One of the more interesting reads:

“Ole’s Ranch… was a small lake front complex. It began as a dude ranch owned by Ole Larson featuring two of the largest log cabin structures in the area. In the mid 1960s television personality Sally Starr purchased the “ranch” and turned it into a restaurant/dance hall complex called “The Ponderosa.” The complex failed as a commercial venture and was abandoned in the early 1970s. The vacant log cabins were destroyed by fire in the mid 1980s.”

Cool, a dude ranch in Voorhees. I never would have expected that.

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Walking Tour Trail and Parados Trail – Fort Mott State Park – Pennsville, NJ


Walking Tour Trail & Parados Trail – Fort Mott State Park – Pennsville, Salem County, NJ
Distance: 1.2 miles (Walking Tour Trail)
0.3 miles (Parados Trail)
Type: Loop
Difficulty: 3 of 10 (for stairs)
Total score: 7 of 10

Website – Fort Mott State Park
Open – 8 AM to 4 PM daily

Terrain – flat riverside areas, but trail climbs on top of fortifications.

Trailheads – Walking Tour Trail –  39°36’12.09″N, 75°33’0.86″W (next to main parking lot)
Parados Trail –  39°36’14.49″N,  75°33’2.68″W (from parking lot, walk down behind main batteries.  Turn right onto the road for the Welcome Center.  Trail will start at the stairs to your left).

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South Jersey Trails Event – Daddy-Kid hike!


My wife is a member of approximately 43,000 moms organizations (might be a slight exaggeration), which is great. However, one buddy who’s a new dad was lamenting that there don’t seem to be many dad clubs out there.

Hence, a Dad-Kid hike! All dads/grandfathers/male guardians are welcome to bring their kiddos along for a hike at Crow’s Woods Nature Preserve in Haddonfield on Sunday, May 31! We’ll be hiking about 1 1/4 miles, which should take about an hour (Noon to 1 ish). A waterbottle and solid shoes are highly recommended.

Come on out and take in some nature while meeting some other local dads. Feel free to spread this around, all Dads-Kids are welcome!

If all goes well, this may be the first of many!

This being the internet age, there is (of course) a facebook event – Facebook event page.  You can also e-mail me at southjerseytrails@gmail.com if you aren’t on facebook.

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Appalachian Trail – All of Maryland – Day 2

The Plan:

Back in 2013, two buddies and I set out to hike Maryland in four days.  We did this mostly to enjoy our time on the trail, and didn’t do any big mile days, despite friendly terrain.  Our trek could be done in three days pretty easily by pushing through where we stopped the last night (heck, thru-hikers are know to do this stretch in one day to complete something called the Maryland Challange), but take your time and enjoy this really nice stretch of trail.

Check out Maryland AT Day 1 for background info on this one

DAY 2:
START – Ensign Cowall Shelter
FINISH –Rocky Run Shelter
DISTANCE – 15.5 trail miles (about 16.6 miles for the day)

Day 2 was our longest day, 15.5 miles is a stretch at any time.  However, this was probably also my favorite day on the trail – big views, big history, and big miles.  This is also the one day that I warn you about – 15.5 miles (more with side trails) is a lot to take on.  We had more than 100 miles of backpacking under our belts in the previous four months, and we had really nice weather in the low 80s, pretty much a perfect situation for us.  There are plenty of options to cut this day shorter to play it safe, and you won’t be disappointed if you get to spend a few hours at Black Rock Cliffs or Annapolis Rocks because you plan an eight mile day and have some time to kill.

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